The CoolSculpting treatment is a Cryolipolysis remodeling method. This technique helps eliminate localized fatty deposits. And this, without resorting to surgical intervention such as liposuction.

This method uses intense cold to freeze the body’s fat cells and adipocytes which are then destroyed by the body. To do this, we use the Coolsculpting® Elite cryolipolysis machine, the latest generation technology. With the CoolSculpting applicator, we vacuum the fat and adipose cells from the area treated by extreme cold.

The CoolSculpting session lasts between one to three hours depending on the number of areas to be treated and fat to be eliminated. The result is visible after two to three months, the time for the stubborn fat released and destroyed by the cold to be eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Resumption of physical activity is immediate after treatment with CoolSculpting®. The treated area is red and slightly numb for a few hours.

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