Laser Slimming ( TightSculpting )

What is TightSculpting®?

Laser Slimming TightSculpting® is an exclusive process that uses laser energy to attack subcutaneous fat safely and gently. For slimming, by heating fat, the laser causes the natural death of cells without altering the skin. Your body naturally eliminates fats once they are destroyed.

During this same procedure, the heat from the laser contracts the collagen fibers and results in skin tightening and rejuvenation of the skin surface. The result obtained is an ideal silhouette in which you feel good.

TightSculpting® is the only non-invasive treatment that combines two procedures in one procedure: fat reduction and skin tightening.

To achieve the same results as TightSculpting®, other treatments require two separate procedures: one for fat reduction (patients wait several months to see results) and the other for subsequent skin tightening . This considerably lengthens the time required to obtain an ideal silhouette. Thanks to TightSculpting®, which combines the two procedures in a single treatment, you will benefit from faster and more immediate results.

Firming and fat reduction with Nd:YAG and PIANO® pulses:

The super long Nd:YAG pulse mode is designed to heat homogeneous tissues in a safe, comfortable, and rapid manner, concentrating energy delivery to stimulate fat cell metabolism while also protecting the epidermis.

PIANO® mode extends full-thickness mass heating with a synergistic tightening effect.

What are the treatable areas?

Arms, abdomen, flanks (love handles), back, thighs (inner, outer, front and back), knees.

Is it painful?

The procedure is non-invasive and well tolerated by most patients. Local anesthesia is not necessary. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

How long does the treatment last?

The duration of the Tight Sculpting procedure is approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area. The total number of treatments required to achieve a stable effect is individual. Most patients note that the effect of the procedure becomes visible after 4 treatments. In some cases, up to 6 sessions may be require to achieve the desired effect. Tight Sculpting procedures should be performed 4 weeks apart.

What are the expected results ?

The expected results are firmer and toned skin. It is recommend to do 4 treatments at 4 week intervals for optimal before and after results.

How long does it take to see results?

Results may vary from individual to individual. Patients will experience an instant tightening followed by a gradual change in figure as their freshly refreshed skin firms up. Depending on the desired results, you may need multiple sessions. But the end result can be comparing, in some patients, to invasive liposuction.

How to maintain the results?

To maintain the effect of the Tight Sculpting procedure, it is recommend to perform a session once or twice a year. The combination of the Tight Sculpting procedure with a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and sufficient level of physical activity achieves a lasting effect.