Vascular laser stretch mark treatment

Vascular laser stretch mark treatment:

Stretch marks are an aesthetic problem that affect both women and men. The appearance of stretch marks on certain areas of the body results from certain situations such as puberty, pregnancy or even a change in weight (thinning too quickly or excessive weight gain). By stretching too quickly, the skin stretches and reveals these colored lines. And considered unsightly by a large majority of people. Sometimes white, sometimes purplish, red or even pearly, they are generally visible on the legs, thighs or stomach. But can also appear on other parts of the body.

Completely painless, vascular laser treatment is the laser most often used to treat stretch marks. It very precisely targets the striated area and sends light rays that heat the epidermis. This heating of the skin promotes the production of collagen and elastin via micro-perforations in the areas where the stretch marks have appeared, while improving the texture and color of the area concerned. The skin is thus smoothed, more tense and the stretch marks gradually disappear.


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