Intimate bleaching

éclaircissement de la peau
Intimate bleaching

Intimate hyperpigmentation (genital hyperpigmentation) corresponds to the brown colorization of the skin associated with the accumulation of melanin in the anogenital region. It can affect the mons pubis, the vulva, the anus, the intergluteal cleft and the inside of the thigh.

Several factors can contribute to this aspect that complicates many women and alters their self-esteem. There are external factors such as wearing tight underwear in this area, but also humidity, shaving or hot waxing. In some patients, it is oral contraceptives that cause the disorder. Intrinsic factors such as hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance may be responsible for this hyperpigmentation.

What is private parts bleaching?

“Intimate bleaching or lightening of the intimate areas” is a treatment performed by the aesthetic doctor using peeling (peeling of the private parts) or laser. It is almost painless, and improves the texture of dark skin.

The lightening of the intimate areas is very popular with oriental women and at the same time allows them to be more confident and to have a more fulfilling sexuality.