Facelift without surgery (tensor threads)

Recommended for both women and men, Facelift without surgery (tensor threads) visibly reduce sagging skin in the main areas of the face: facial contour, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, jowls, corners of the lips, eyebrows. This technique by wire is an aesthetic medicine procedure, which can replace the surgical facelift with a facelift without operation.

Tensor threads are surgical barbed threads which have the particularity of presenting “hooks”. The thread is passing under the skin, and thanks to these hooks, it would ensure a stable and efficient lifting of the skin. It is a question of restoring tension to the slackened tissues of the face. Tensor threads are implante under the skin to correct sagging or aging skin on the face and neck. They are placed using a needle and allow the tissues and volumes of the face to be repositioned without scalpel or scar.

The new tensor threads used in aesthetic medicine have made enormous progress in terms of the quality of the material used, tolerance and effectiveness. There are 2 types of tensor threads: permanent threads and absorbable threads.

  • Serrated or smooth permanent threads:

These threads not only tighten the skin and give a lifting effect but also stimulate the production of collagen. It is therefore a mix of tensor and hydration effects. To place these threads, the doctor inserts the threads under the skin at cheek level one by one using a cannula. The idea is to pass in one direction then the other in order to create a mesh that will support and pull the skin.

  • Absorbable sutures:

No scar, no stitches. Absorbable tensor threads are insert precisely into the tissues using fine needles or cannulas with rounding, blunt ends. Anchored and fixed, they lift and tighten the treated areas. The surrounding tissues act to hold the sutures in place, and preserve the effects of the treatment.

The mechanical action of tension is instantaneous but is better after 8 to 15 days, when bruising and edema have disappearing. From 3/4 weeks, the dermis begins to reshape.

Collagenase continues for an optimal result of the facelift without surgery around the 6th month:

the skin of the face is smooth, plumped up. With harmonious volumes, providing a rejuvenating effect on the face for several years. This effect sets in over 18 to 24 months.