Laser treatment (Caesarean and postoperative scar)

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful days in a mother’s life. It is also an adventure that leaves many marks on the woman’s body and in particular a visible scar that can be a source of complexes. However, it is normal that after a while women who have had a caesarean section want to regain the appearance of their pre-pregnancy body. And this by deciding to correct the appearance of the scars on their bodies.

To remedy this, the cosmetic surgeon performs a cesarean scar recovery, it is a plastic and aesthetic surgery intervention for the surgical correction of scars after cesarean section with laser.

How does the fractional laser treat the scar?

The laser stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps reduce and minimize the appearance of C-section scars, injury-related scars and stretch marks.

Why Use Laser Treatments For C-Section Scars?

No downtime, no discomfort or pain. you do not experience any side effects.

How ?

One treatment per month for three months.

How effective is laser treatment for cesarean scar reduction?

Scars and stretch marks that have appeared within the last six months respond particularly well to fractional laser treatments. Ideally, patients should begin treatment for their C-section scar within six to eight weeks for optimal results.

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