Breast lift

Lifting mammaire


The breasts lose their firmness, often due to events such as aging, pregnancy or weight loss. Aesthetic medicine then offers the solution to women whose drooping breasts and breast ptosis become sources of psychological inconvenience: breast lift.

Breast lift aims to:

restore curves to the breasts and lift the chest. The procedure also removes excess skin and redrapes the breasts. Its purpose is to put the areola and the nipple back in the right position, to refocus and raise the glandular volume and to remove the excess skin in order to obtain two harmonious, nicely curved and raised breasts. Depending on what you expect from this breast surgery, the volume and elasticity of your breasts, the surgeon can opt for breast augmentation or breast reduction.

This plastic surgery lasts approximately 1h30, under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the doctor begins by making the traces of the incisions on your body using a surgical felt. He then makes the incisions, which must be as short as possible, and replaces the areola and the nipple. Then, he goes up the mammary gland and removes the excess skin and redrapes the skin around the areola of the mammary gland. Finally, he sutures the incisions using absorbable sutures. Drains can optionally be placed.

There are three main breast lift techniques, the choice of which depends on the surgeon but also on the degree of sagging of the chest:
  • The areolar incision, i.e. around the nipple.
  • The areolar and vertical incision which starts from the nipple and goes down to under the fold of the breast.
  • The inverted T incision, that is to say with a scar around the nipple to the fold of the breast.

The first results of a breast lift are visible immediately. The breasts are redesigned and reshaped. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to wait until the edema and bruising subside to see the final results of the breast lift.

The patient should wear a compression bra for a month. This bra will be put on her immediately after the breast lift. During the first weeks, the movements of the arms and shoulders will be limited. It is advisable not to play sports or lift loads during this period.