Gynaecologist in private practice in Marrakech, specializing in genital and mammary restoration and aesthetics, graduate of the DUMEG diploma in genital aesthetics, and the diploma in aesthetic and onco-plastic mammary surgery from Paris.

Founding member and president of SOMREG, the Moroccan Society for Genital Restoration and Aesthetics, and member of several learned societies (ESAG, ISCG, IASRM ……).

Expert in genital laser and whitening of intimate areas and new genital surgery techniques (nymphoplasty, lipofilling of the labia majora), genital PRP, OSHOT, botox treatment of vaginismus, surgery and laser treatment of vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence, as well as hormonal balance and genital and sexual rehabilitation after childbirth and the after-effects of menopause.