Lip augmentation

Due to aging, the volume of the lips decreases and their appearance becomes thinner and flatter. Wrinkles and fine lines alter their smooth appearance their contour becomes less defined. Especially at the level of the upper lip.

If you want to have fuller and hydrated lips, volumizing injection techniques of hyaluronic acid or fat will meet your expectations. It is among the lip beautification procedures, the most frequent request.

The swelling of the lips by injection of hyaluronic acid is the most common method. It gives excellent, natural and harmonious results, thanks to fine and volumizing products.

Then, the technique of injecting the fat taken from the patient and reinjected into the lips after purification. This technique called lip lipofilling. Is a surgical intervention with a lasting result after resorption of 30% of the fat injected on average.

The augmentation of the upper lip is done by 3 classic actions:

  • Draw the hem of the upper lip, to give it back sensuality and projection. This gesture redraws the lip, increasing it very slightly.
  • Thicken the red lip by injections inside or behind the orbicularis muscle of the lips, to give a plump appearance to the lip by projection and eversion of the lip. These injections can create volume on demand.
  • Draw the philtral crests and Cupid’s bow: these are the two vertical reliefs that connect the base of the nose to the Cupid’s bow in the middle of the upper lip and can be flattened. These uncommon injections are very useful for raising the upper lip.

The augmentation of the lower lip makes it possible to:

  • Draw the hem of the lower lip, to create a more everted and attractive appearance of the lip.
  • Thicken the red lip by deep sub and intramuscular injections.