Aesthetic calf surgery

Aesthetic calf surgery can enhance the shape and symmetry of your calves with aesthetic calf surgery. Achieve your desired leg contours through precise muscle augmentation or reduction procedures.

Calf liposuction absorbs excessive fat in the calves and eliminates the “post legs” effect. Practiced by means of fine cannulas. This technique makes it possible to remove deep or superficial fat. Your calves will thus quickly find a size adapted to your morphology.

This procedure reduces swelling due to excess fat around the ankle. You will walk more easily and you will feel better overall with a slimmer and slimmer silhouette.

Lipofilling of the calves makes it possible to correct the problems of calves that are too thin, whatever the cause. He can also correct an asymmetry by restoring both calves to the same size and shape. This, by taking fat from a part of your body. The result is natural and flexible according to the need.

The technique of placing silicone implants in the calves allows them to be modeled with precision when they are very flat. The size of the implant will be entirely adapted to your morphology and your objective, thus allowing you to redesign them according to your wishes, if you find them too small or poorly designed.

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