Gynecomastia in men

Male Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia in men is defined by an increase in the volume of the mammary gland in men. It corresponds to uni- or bilateral hyperplasia. The increase in breast volume in men, especially during adolescence, is often badly experienced and can cause many psychological problems. This physical attack in the adolescent, at the very moment when he is building his image as a man, can lead to a withdrawal into himself, even a real complex. In addition, this gynecomastia in men can be painful.

The goal of corrective surgery is to restore normal anatomy as well as possible with the principles of:
  • Reduce breast volume by direct surgical excision (subcutaneous mastectomy) for glandular forms, or by liposuction for fatty forms. In the case of mixed forms, the surgeon must then combine the two techniques.
  • Reduce excess skin: generally, the reduction in glandular volume will allow skin retraction. This cutaneous retraction is favored by liposuction but it is all the more marked when it is a young man and the skin is of good quality (firm, elastic skin, without stretch marks).

Some of post-operative gestures such as massages can help skin retraction. In some cases, when the excess skin is too large, the surgeon may have to reduce it, but at the cost of scarring the skin. This skin reduction plasty can be performed from the first intervention or secondarily.

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