cervico-facial lift or face and neck lift


lifting du visage et du cou

cervico-facial lift or face and neck lift:

Today, there are several types of facelifts that can improve the stigma caused by aging on the face and neck, whether localized or more extensive.

The cervico-facial lift or face and neck lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure intended for the surgical correction of aging of the neck and face at the level of the neck as well as at the level of the face.


The purpose of the operation is to treat the sagging and slackening of the skin and muscles of the face (temples and eyebrows, cheeks, jowls, oval of the face) and of the neck, but also the insufficiency or excess of fatty tissue.

The objective of such surgery is not to change the shape or appearance of the face. On the contrary, the simple restoration of the different anatomical structures of the face and neck (skin, muscle, fat). Allows the patient to regain the appearance that he had a few years earlier.

  • The muscles are re-tensioned during the cervico-facial lift in order to correct their relaxation. The skin is then redrape on demand on the new curves, without excessive traction.
  • This double action makes it possible to obtain a natural result (because the skin is not too tight), long-lasting (because the muscular plane is solid), generally fairly simple postoperative results (the skin “marks” less because it is little traumatized, due to limited tension and detachment). Conversely, if the face is emaciating, this aspect can be correcte at the same time by lipofilling or reinjection of autologous fat (lipostructure). Thus the face and the neck are in a way “reconstructe”.
  • The necessary skin incisions are mostly hidden under the hairy side or in the hair (at the temples and the nape of the neck) and around the ear. The scar is thus almost completely conceale.
  • The cervico-facial lift is performing under general anesthesia.
  • Hospitalization for 3 to 5 days is necessary.

This intervention can be associate with another gesture of facial cosmetic surgery:

cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), correction of sagging and forehead wrinkles (endoscopic forehead lift). It can also be supplemente by medico-surgical therapies (laserbrasion, dermabrasion, peeling, etc.)