Profile elements such as the shape of the nose, the volume of the lips, the projection of the chin and the forehead play a major role in the beauty of the face. Your cosmetic surgeon can restore harmony to a face by rebalancing the proportions. And this thanks to profiloplasty.

We call profiloplasty all the gestures of harmonization of the reliefs of the face. These can be medical or surgical procedures generally affecting the nose, chin, forehead, cheekbones.

This intervention makes it possible to beautify the face thanks to the association of several techniques of medicine and cosmetic surgery. Generally, during a profiloplasty, there is often a combination of medical rhinoplasty (correction of the nose) and medical genioplasty (correction of the chin). The correction of these two parts of the face makes it possible to subtly and very naturally modify the face from the front and from the side.

  • To treat the imperfections of the nose, by rebalancing the asymmetry in particular and by correcting the aging of the skin.
  • To advance the chin in the case of a receding chin, too far back. Hyaluronic acid injections will give a nice rounded chin and correct the oval of the face.
  • To increase the lips to rebalance the volumes of the face if necessary.
  • To fill and smooth the cheekbones and the forehead in order to rebalance the harmony of the face.