Mesotherapy consists of numerous injections carried out very superficially intra-epidermal, intradermal, hypodermic, with materials of a very varied nature, the most important of which are hyaluronic acid and certain vitamins.

However mesotherapy is anti-aging therapy but also used in case of weight loss to eliminate localized fatty deposits, as it promotes the targeted elimination of fat and revitalizes the skin.

Mesotherapy is revealed as an anti-cellulite cure aimed at reducing the appearance of orange peel skin always with an adequate diet, while doing sports.


Radiance action for devitalized skin, tired appearance, by nutrient. Stimulation of collagen for sagging skin, and tensor effect by the hydration of hyaluronic acid.


Technique of micro-injections:

Very well known technique in aesthetic medicine called mesolift. We therefore speak of the micro-injection method. Using tiny needles, a combination of amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, zinc and copper, and vitamins are injected directly into the scalp. Not painful if done well. This technique activates the atrophied vascularization of the hair follicles. This is the case in our center Marrakech Aesthetics Clinic