Vaginoplasty is an intimate surgical procedure that consists of strengthening the muscles of the perineum (pelvic floor) in order to reduce the width of the vaginal opening. It aims to increase vaginal sensitivity in women whose vagina has suffered during childbirth. For this, the intervention aims to reduce the internal and external diameter of the vagina, to tighten the muscles of the perineum and to rejuvenate the vagina by injecting fat on the vaginal mucosa.

Indeed, vaginal relaxation is due to a weakening of the perineum. It is a muscle that supports all the weight of the upper body. It plays an important role in female sexuality, because it is its ability to contract that allows you to have sensations at the time of penetration. Also it ensures continence, that is to say the control of the urge to go to the toilet. The perineum is particularly stresses in overweight people and in pregnant women in the event of vaginal delivery or following a poorly closed episiotomy.

In older women, a distended perineum can lead to longer term descent of the bladder, uterus and rectum (prolapse). Indeed, following the menopause. The estrogen level decreases and the tissues lose their elasticity and no longer perform their organ support role as effectively. In all these cases, the only solution to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle is to do a vaginoplasty. This cosmetic surgery is done under general anesthesia without hospitalization and lasts approximately one hour.

It has three distinct objectives:
  • Tightening of the muscles of the perineum: in case of weakness of the levator ani muscles, the plastic surgeon will strengthen the tissues of the pelvic floor located between the vagina and the anus in order to tighten the vaginal orifice at the muscular level.
  • The narrowing of the entrance to the vagina: thanks to a vaginal plasty, the surgeon closes the vagina at the bottom so that its opening is narrower and positioned higher.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation: the cosmetic surgeon takes fat from the patient and injects it into the walls of the vaginal mucosa to reduce the opening of the vagina.

Results are visible in about 6 weeks :

The aesthetic aspect is improved, the sexual pleasure higher and the problems of urinary incontinence. These results are lasting and do not prevent a new delivery.