Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) use the regenerative and healing properties of blood platelets. These have the ability to locally release growth factors, small molecules acting as real messengers to activate the skin’s regeneration mechanisms.

Blood plasma containing platelets and growth factors that promote the initiation of the skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms.

It is prepared from the patient’s own blood. It is therefore an autologous product, 100% biocompatible and without any risk of rejection or allergy.

Plasma is a serum that contains nutrients, vitamins, hormones, mineral salts and proteins, substances essential for the survival of cells.

Platelets are nucleusless cells with mitochondria, microtubules and alpha granules. A platelet contains between fifty and eighty alpha granules and synthesizes about thirty bioactive proteins which are growth factors. There are a dozen different growth factors that stimulate stem cells in the area where PRP is injecting.

Platelet-rich plasma has been known for more than twenty years in the treatment of osteoarthritis, tendonitis or in the event of rupture of the ligament. Its virtues are now increasingly used in anti-aging medicine.

Indications for PRP injection

PRP regenerates the skin by acting deep in the dermis.

The “Vampire Lift”: Preventing skin aging

basically plasma rich in platelets preserves the natural hydration of the skin and protects it from all external aggressions (tobacco, pollution, etc.). Ideal from the age of 25 to obtain an immediate radiance effect and delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. The “Vampire Lift” was publicized worldwide by Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli. It is also increasingly popular in France with reality TV stars, including Manon Marsault and Jessica Thivenin.

Facial rejuvenation

From the forties, wrinkles are well establishes and the skin of the face and décolleté begins to wrinkle, especially if you have abused the sun. PRP injections will boost the production of collagen.

Treatment of skin imperfections

PRP is also suitable for reducing dark circles, improving the appearance of all scars (acne scars, accidental scars or scars following surgery) and treating stretch marks.

intimate rejuvenation

PRP has regenerative properties for the labia majora, to restore firmness and tone.

Capillary stimulation

Hair PRP slows down hair loss and stimulates regrowth.