Medical facelift: FOTONA 4D

It is now possible to reshape and rejuvenate the face without surgery, thanks to a new non-invasive laser treatment process: FOTONA 4D.

However FOTONA 4D is a series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of the outer facial cavity and inner oral cavity. delivering full-thickness collagen contraction for persistent tightening and volumization without injection.

The medical facelift performed with the FOTONA laser combines 2 laser sources:

Nd-YAG and Erbium-YAG and 6 pulse modes including one specific to the FOTONA laser, the SMOOTH mode.

Erbium-Yag has a very strong affinity for water, which is the first constituent of the human body, but a low penetration depth. It allows to treat without thermal effect. “Cold laser”, it is effective on all skin types. It has a resurfacing action and smoothes the skin and erases imperfections and superficial wrinkles.

In “Smooth” mode the pulses are very long and consist of a burst of shots allowing a deeper thermal effect to be obtain, very gently and without ablative effect.
The SMOOTH mode was developed for gynecological, urological, and intraoral (inside the mouth) facial contouring treatments.

Tissue restructuring is promoted by

the use of a fractionated spot which allows the destruction of areas of atrophied skin separated, by areas of healthy skin.The “fractionated” mode has a fibroblast stimulation effect with synthesis of new collagen. And elastin fibers and stimulation of blood circulation.

After the treatment

a slight “sunburn” effect for 24 to 48 hours. Drying of the skin and slight desquamation are possible for about 3-4 days. A good hydration of the eye contour is then recommende. It is imperative to avoid the sun, make-up and all perfumed products until the epidermis is completely heal.

It is recommended to perform approximately 3-4 treatments of FOTONA 4D to obtain results. That are optimally visible 3 to 4 months after the end of the treatments.