the mini facelift

The mini facelift is a surgical procedure that erases the first signs of aging of the oval of the face and neck: sagging neck skin, jowls that become heavier, etc. It is often offered to patients wishing to treat sagging skin early. This procedure is most often performed between the ages of 40 and 50. It aims to give a boost of freshness, tone and rejuvenation to your face.

Indeed, the principle remains the same as a classic facelift, that is to say the tensioning of the skin muscles and the elimination of excess skin, but the gesture is more moderate, less extensive and less invasive.

Several types of anesthesia are possible for this cosmetic surgery procedure: thorough local anesthesia or even general anesthesia. As for its average duration, it is 1h30.

The surgical procedure is lighter than for a cervico-facial lift, the recovery period will also be shorter. After incision and detachment of the skin, the muscles and skin are re-tensioned and then the excess skin is removed.

The scars are hidden around the ear, so they are almost invisible after healing.