Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves increasing the size, shape and volume of the chest by placing silicone implants or breast prostheses in the front or back of the torso muscle.

This intervention can be for aesthetic purposes, to correct a slight breast ptosis linked to a loss of volume following pregnancy or weight loss. As it can be for restorative purposes following an illness, an accident, or hypoplasia resulting from a lack of tissue.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon explains to you the course of the operation, as well as its advantages, its potential risks and the disadvantages of post-operative care. It introduces you to the different types of breast implants, which vary by filling, shape, size and type of surface. In addition, he listens to your motivations and answers all your questions in order to help you choose the profile and volume of your breast implants, and achieve the desired result.

Of course, before this plastic surgery, the surgeon asks you about your medical history and assesses your physical condition, to figure out the best solution to guarantee you a satisfactory final result.

As with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation by breast prosthesis is accompanied by scars. They are positioned on the breast, but hidden in the less visible areas. Depending on the case, it is:

  • Either from a circular scar, around the lower half of the areola or across the areola.
  • Either a horizontal scar, in the submammary fold.
  • Either a scar in the armpit, vertical behind the pectoralis major muscle relief or horizontal at the bottom of the armpit.

After the breast augmentation procedure, the patient can return home the same day.

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