Vaginal filler

Vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, loss of sensation during intercourse or simply unsightly appearance of the intimate lips…. Now the area of female intimacy also has its treatments in aesthetic medicine and in particular injections of hyaluronic acid which give excellent results.

The hyaluronic acid that we inject into the skin of the intimate lips or into the mucous membranes exists in several forms ranging from very fluid to very compact. The more fluid the hyaluronic acid, the more hydrating it is due to its great ability to capture water.

The vaginal filler makes it possible to tighten the diameter of the vagina. The consequence is a moderate narrowing of the genital canal, making it possible to increase the contact surface between the penis and the vaginal mucosa.

What is the result of hyaluronic acid vaginal filler?
  • Vaginal dryness is reduced or even disappears.
  • Feelings of discomfort during intercourse disappear.
  • The local appearance of the area is more harmonious, the lips are visibly better curve, rounder.

The effect appears after a few weeks and lasts for several months.