Aesthetic mesotherapy: mesolift

Mesolift is a classic medical aesthetic treatment that revitalizes facial skin, firms it, gives it a “boost of radiance”, and better hydration. Mesolift consists of injections of hyaluronic acid mixed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids with revitalizing and anti-oxidant properties. This mixture is injected either with a needle (by making multiple small injections spaced 1 cm apart) or as a topping using a cannula which allows the product to be deposited homogeneously in the dermis.

The hyaluronic acid used is non-crosslinked, meaning that it has no volumizing power but rather a strong, deep moisturizing power. Its effects can be seen quite quickly without going through surgery.

It is an ideal technique for maintaining the skin on your face. Mesotherapy has an action on dull, hypotonic, sagging, dehydrated skin, this damage being linked to various external aggressions (pollution, cigarettes, sun, etc.). It also acts on the first clinical signs of skin aging such as fine lines.

PS: Mesolift is not a wrinkle filling technique but a facial maintenance technique.

The presence of an anesthetic in the formula significantly reduces the pain associated with injections.

The product to use and the pace of the sessions to schedule are decided by the doctor based on your skin.


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