Facial lipofilling (or lipostructure)

Facial lipofilling (or lipostructure) is a surgical technique that manifests itself by transferring autologous fat (autograft of fat). It consists of taking your own fat from a site located away from the injection, then reinjecting it into a specific area of the face, in order to achieve localized filling. This intervention makes it possible to give volume to a localized region of the face, but also to correct certain facial imperfections.

The purpose of injecting fat into specific areas is therefore to fill and restore volumes, allowing you to provide real support to your tissues. This correction is final, unlike hyaluronic acid type fillers, which have a fixed lifespan.

Facial lipofilling allows you to:
  • Fill wrinkles at the first signs of aging: horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, lines of bitterness.
  • Bring volume to the temples, cheekbones, dark circles, sub-orbital region, cheeks, oval of the face.
  • Change the shape of the nose or chin.
  • Plump the lips and redefine the lip contour.
  • Give a boost: its own collagen improves the nutrition of the tissues of the skin, and gives a filling effect and a volumizing effect.
  • Correct serious acne sequelae.

Different anesthesia modalities are possible. Potentiated local anesthesia is usually performed. General anesthesia may be recommende for your comfort or in case of significant anxiety.

The first stage of the intervention consists of removing the fat from a defined site. Usually located in the stomach, with a micro-incision concealed in the navel. It allows fat liposuction to be performe in the necessary quantity, using a non-traumatic micro-cannula. It is centrifuged to collect only the fat cells. Then this fat is injecting into your face in the area to be treate. This makes it possible to increase the volume. To achieve a filling of the local tissues, and to give a rejuvenating effect to the face.

The observation of the final result of your lipofilling can take about 3 to 6 months, it will be necessary to wait for the complete resorption of the edema of the injecte site and for the healing to be acquire. The patient is thus left with improve skin quality.