BODYLIFT (or circular dermolipectomy)

The BodyLift or circular abdominal dermolipectomy is a form of lifting of the lower trunk, allowing to reshape the bottom of a silhouette, at the level of the belly, the external face of the thighs and the buttocks. There are two main types of BodyLift:

  • The lower BodyLift or BLI covers the lower trunk, below the waist, namely the belly. The buttocks and the upper part of the outer thighs;
  • The Upper BodyLift or BLS addresses the submammary thoracic, lateral thoracic and upper back regions.

The main principle of this procedure is to remove (lift) excess skin and fat on the stomach, flanks, outer thighs, lower back, pubis and to lift and reshape the buttocks. empty falling.

  • The belly is tighten by an abdominoplasty with transposition of the umbilicus using high tension techniques.
  • The flanks are liposuctione in order to remove the bead present at this level.
  • The outer side of the thighs is tightened, the saddlebags can be aspirated at the same time.
  • Excess skin on the lower back is removed.
  • The curve of the buttocks is recreated by inserting under the skin all the excess tissue removed at the level of the lower back, possibly liposuction fat from another area (saddlebags, belly, love handles) purified and reinjected at the level of the buttocks (lipofilling) and finally the buttock is lifted upwards.

This is a cosmetic surgery procedure that treats the entire region of the stomach, back, buttocks, thighs, pubis in one go and gives excellent results, but beware this is a heavier surgery than most. cosmetic surgery procedures.