Bichectomy: Reduction of Bichat balls

Bichectomy is a cosmetic surgery procedure that partially removes the balls of bichat, located inside the cheeks.

This intervention allows to refine the cheeks and redefine the lines of the face. It replaced cheek liposuction, which was not very effective. It makes it possible to hollow out the cheeks, to make the cheekbones more prominent and to make the angles of the jaws protrude. All these criteria are defined as beauty standards today. It redefines your face permanently. It corrects the roundness of the cheeks (convex) to change to an S-shape.

Particularly suitable for people who have a round, even “baby” face and who want to quickly refine their face permanently. The treatment takes place under a simple anesthesia, as for a caries treatment, and consists of a removal of these 2 balls of fat in order to resculpt the face in a harmonious way: the cheeks appear thinner, the cheekbones high, and the proportions are then improved.

The results are immediate and there is no need to take days off after the procedure as the post-operative consequences are moderate. Fine sutures are placed and must be removed one week after the treatment.